Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning E3 Preview

GamersInfo has published yet another E3 preview, this time detailing Mythic Entertainment's upcoming Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. A snippet:
In addition to zones being open, the developers mentioned that there would be three different levels of PvP combat, skirmish, battlefield objectives, and scenarios. Skirmish battles will be single or group combats that players are most familiar with. Battlefield objectives will be an objective on the field for players to take such as a castle, towers or possibly a pass. The last type, scenarios PvP, will be based around a scenario where many players will gather to fight out a battle on an instanced battlefield. These combats will be the most complex, involving players trying to take a series of objectives. Finally, for players who do participate in PvP, there will be a rank system. It is unclear what it will entail at this time, but the developers believe that it will be similar to that of DAoC. It is refreshing to see a game building with PvP in mind from the ground up, however players will have the choice to only participate in PvE if they want. Those who do PvE only will just find their options more limited.