Neverwinter Nights 2 E3 Preview, Day Three

IGN's Neverwinter Vault has posted the third and final portion of their extensive Neverwinter Nights 2 E3 preview. A little something about interiors:
To help give your modules a unique look, many objects including interior tilesets have up to three tinting elements to them. So for a house, you could change the walls, the frames and the roof, using different colors from the standard color picker. For pieces like armor and weapons, the tinting affects is especially nice and gives you a lot of ways to create new looks. They are still working on finishing all the tinting and having an artist dedicated just to doing that, so at this stage, not all pieces have tinting.

Interior tiles are 9 meters square while maximum indoor map sizes are 288 meters by 288 meters. Scott mentioned that "although the interior tileset size seems large, it was done on purpose so combat was easier to deal with. With the player, party, and bad guys it can get pretty crowded!" Scott did indicate that there were round rooms but that it depended on which tileset you used.

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