Titan Quest Developer Blog #15

A fifteenth installment to the TQ Vault's developer blog feature is now available, this time with Titan Quest QA tester Chris McCarthy discussing some of the gameplay testing he has done. A snippet, as usual:
Later on in Greece, near the coastal town of Megara, we were both able to pick our second Masteries I decided to go with Defense to augment my melee-oriented roguish abilities, while Dave naturally went with the Hunting tab to augment his bow skills. I chose skills like (Envenom Weapon), (Blade Honing), (Throwing Knives), and (Batter) (a shield swipe). Dave focused on (Lay Trap), (Lethal Strike), and (Marksmanship). The combination ended up working better than we could have planned it--I would gather packs of monsters with throwing knives (poisoned with slowing, confusing, and bleeding damage) and stay in the front soaking up damage while Dave would hang back from the center of the action and pump arrows into everything I could gather up.