The Elder Scrolls: Arena Review

The guys at RPGFan have reviewed Bethesda Softworks' The Elder Scrolls: Arena, giving the original RPG installment an overall score of 80%. A snip:
The game's sidequests are many. There are small "odd jobs" to earn money, but these are nothing compared to the "rumor" based quests. These allow you to gain control of extraordinary weapons, armor, or items. By asking random townspeople about rumors, and then heading to an inn to confirm the rumor, one is able to locate a particular dungeon that will have the item in question. One such item was a book that allowed the character to go up 50 stat points as the player chose to assign them. This quest was repeatable, so after eight or nine tries, one could have a maxxed-stat character (100 in STR, INT, etc).
If you'd like to give Arena a whirl, you can simply download the full version from Bethesda's official Elder Scrolls website. It's been free ever since the series' 10th anniversary.