Dungeons & Dragons Online Reviews

A trio of reviews for Turbine's Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach start off the new week. The first is at WorthPlaying with an overall score of 8.9/10:
Turbine has an active schedule of content updates, one of which has already gone live and added some intense "beat down the red dragon" action. With this kind of support, and the drawing power of the Dungeons & Dragons name, this is a game sure to be around for some time. I do have a habit of writing too much, so I'll try to sum up: If you're looking for the kind of style a more traditional MMo offers, you'll not find it here. I, however, love D&D Online: Stormreach, and I have no qualms whatsoever recommending it to anyone who loves an entertaining action-RPG experience.

The second is at Inside Pulse with an overall score of 6/10:
Good game to play with a group of friends, and it offsets the monthly cost factor, but there are better D&D or RPG games out there. Due to the impossibility of playing the game outside of a party, it might not be right for you more anti-social types, but there's a solid and enjoyable game here with a nice variety of dungeon crawling for you. It's a good thing you can try the game buy just taking a friend's discs (or single DVD if you know someone that went that route) and seeing if it's worth the monthly cost rather than have a key code attached to them. Try before you buy, and you just might find yourself a fun game to share with your pals.

And the third is at G4 with an overall score of 3/5:
D&D Online: Stormreach very skillfully brings the classic game to the internet and captures the feel of the offline experience. However, it all feels a little constricted, and while it's problems are much more limited than those seen in other MMO's, it's still not quite a perfect gameplay experience. Offline D&D fans who are looking for some more frequent campaigning than their regular Friday-night sessions with friends will surely want to sign up eventually, but would be advised to wait until the first expansion hits.