Dungeons & Dragons Online Preview

Bytesector has kicked up a two-page preview of Turbine's Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, based on their firsthand experience in the game's beta test. An excerpt to follow:
Now that you have a character, welcome to the world. Er, scratch that, welcome to what would be a world if a world existed of portals and taverns, oh and a city. This is my hugest gripe with D&D Online: Stormreach. The last time I checked, D&D was all about the world your character lived in, and how it interacted with its surroundings. Here we find a scripted world, as I will call it, where all you do is grind out boring quest lines. I myself particularly enjoy scenery and travel and the world around me. I find, however, that during my time playing D&D Online: Stormreach, I did quests in places that were of course in the world, but to get there, I merely walked through a door or portal. This bothered me greatly, as I know D&D to be a world immersing game, where half the battle is playing your cards right around town, or traversing a path or cliff to the right area.