Dungeons & Dragons Online North American Servers

Turbine's official Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach website has been updated with a list of servers that will be online and available for North American players starting on February 24th. The full announcement:
The DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINEâ„¢: Stormreachâ„¢ Head Start Event begins February 24th! By now, you're making your plans, seeking out allies and preparing your guilds. You'll need a key piece of information to make the most of your Head Start: the server names.

The following worlds will be available on February 24th for players with a North American client:

- Adar
- Aerenal
- Argonnessen
- Aundar
- Fernia
- Ghallanda
- Khyber
- Lhazaar
- Mabar
- Riedra
- Risia
- Sarlona
- Shavarath
- Tharask
- Thelanis
- Xoriat

Gather your parties and get ready to play in the Head Start Event! Remember that you can only play in the Head Start by preordering! Preorder players who play during the Head Start Event qualify for special gear and exclusive in-game commemoration.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINEâ„¢: Stormreachâ„¢ hits retail shelves on February 28.