Titan Quest Preview

1Up has published a short preview of Titan Quest, the upcoming action RPG from THQ and Iron Lore Entertainment. Here's a taste:
Our contacts at Iron Lore remain silent as sphinxes about story specifics but promise a plotline that touches on each of these mythical eras and more. Like Gilgamesh of legend, you'll tackle life-changing challenges.that is, after crafting a custom character by way of six mixable, matchable skill masteries that combine to create spell-casting warriors, stealthy magic-users, and other unique combos that smash the static class-based mold. Cyclopes, harpies, centaurs, and other fabled beasties are fodder for your bloodlust.and unlike the myriad scorpions and spiders from other action-RPGs--who inexplicably drop piles of gold and loot from their bottomless bug pockets--what you see here is what you get. See a centurion sporting a killer suit of armor? Knock him down and nab it. Like Medusa's shiny sword? Pry it from her stone-cold body. The staff of Ra? Yeah, good luck with that one.