Titan Quest Interview, Part Two

RPG Vault has kicked up the second installment of their ongoing Titan Quest interview, this time with lead designer Brian Sullivan and lead gameplay designer Arthur Bruno. In it, the two developers answer question about the game's quests, enemies, magic system, and more. A snippet:
Q: how large is the Titan Quest team at Iron Lore, and how much experience do you have developing games in general, and RPGs in particular?

A: Our team at Iron Lore currently has 32 people, and we have a lot of game development experience on staff. I was a co-designer of Age of Empires, so I have plenty of experience designing AAA games. To a degree, I am taking the design sensibilities I used on it to the RPG genre.

Most of our staff has worked on other great games such as Asheron's Call, Middle-Earth Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Natural Selection and System Shock. I am continually amazed at how dedicated and talented everyone is. I thought the team we developed at Ensemble Studios was incredible, but apparently, lightning can strike twice!