Titan Quest Interview

GameSpot has conducted an interview with Iron Lore's Brian Sullivan, in which the company president reveals new details about their upcoming action RPG, Titan Quest. Check it out:
Q: How intelligent are opponents, by the way? Will they simply attack you on sight until you die, or will the smarter ones use tactics? We know in one sequence of the E3 demo, a huge troll stomped on the scene and scared off tinier creatures. But is this a scripted reaction, or will creatures behave that way anytime the odds change?

A: Our monsters will have many different levels and types of intelligence. The artificial intelligence for monsters is not only used to present different tactical challenges, but it also gives some personality. Most monsters will generally attack you on sight, because that is usually the most fun type of monster AI to fight against, but we will mix it up with monsters that use intelligent tactics, which will require a little thought on the best way to defeat them.