Dungeons & Dragons Online E3 Previews

Turbine's official Dungeons & Dragons Online website is pointing to several E3 previews, two of which I don't believe we've reported about yet. The first is at OGaming:
DDO features a very different death system, that I must say I like very much. When a player dies in a group he is given three choices, first he can chose to head back to town and give up on the quest, second if the group has a player with resurrect they could pull him back to life right there. If you don't have a rezer and you don't want to give up, a party member can pick up your drooped soul stone and take it to one of the resurrection points on the map. This makes it nice for when the cleric dies or if you where unable to have a cleric.

And the second is at Stratics (scroll down to May 21st):
The questing system is designed to cater to both groups and single players along with the hardcore and casual gamers. Some of the quests might only take 10 minutes while other significantly longer. There are also timed quests in which the objective must be completed within a given timeframe to encourage players to progress and take some risks as opposed to careful crawl through a dungeon. One example of such is your group might be charged with rescuing a kidnapped villager before they can be used in a sacrificial rite. The variety of solo, group, hardcore, and casual quests allow players to always find challenges for their play style.