X-Men Legends Reviews

Activision and Raven's newly released X-Men Legends is the subject of two more reviews on the 'net. The first is over at GamePro with an overall score of 4.5/5:
X-Men Legends isn't perfect, but it comes pretty damn close. A few notable gripes do arise, like the abhorrently sluggish and leisurely loading times and the unimpressive and outdated cinematic sequences that jar with the otherwise slick visual stylings. The camera also hangs at an awkward ¾ perspective and occasionally moves too far out to cover all the action, leaving you with a screen of indiscernible mini-mutants. However, such complaints seem petty and entirely forgivable when juxtaposed with the stellar cell-shaded graphics, excellent voice acting (with Patrick Stewart reprising his cinematic role as Professor X), and multiplayer mayhem that make Legends look and feel like the A-list game that it is. Whether you're a long time X-fan or simply an action/RPG enthusiast, X-Men Legends is an outstanding addition to any gamer's library.

And the second is at TeamXbox with an overall score of 8.5/10:
Fans can rejoice as X-Men Legends finally provides gamers with a detailed look into the X-Men world that goes beyond the movies or the pages of the comic books. X-Men Legends stands out because of a great gameplay setup that mixes a very strong combat system with the ability to level up characters during the game. While some of the game's action may become quite repetitive, it's also quite addictive. This becomes amplified when playing the multiplayer co-op mode with friends. Legends does a fantastic job of giving players a very detailed look at each of its characters while also allowing them to get a chance to experience each characters' abilities in action. While some characters have been better conceived than others, overall each one has been given a great deal of depth that helps to once again expand the ever evolving world of the X-Men. With an authentic storyline written by Men of Action, X-Men Legends is a game with a lot of depth that should last players upwards of 20-25 hours. Set aside some spare time and grab a copy of X-Men Legends.