Jade Empire Preview

Warcry has put together a short preview of Jade Empire, based upon what they saw of BioWare's Xbox RPG at this year's Gen Con. A snippet:
Now, we've already seen a good deal of this game at E3, but there's a whole lot more to be seen! Here at GenCon Indy, Kevin Martens was nice enough to run me through some of the latest changes to the game and more importantly some of the rather cool new fighting styles.

Our adventure started in the obligatory tea house (and when there's a tea house, you know that there's going to be a big battle). We're busily tracking down a questionable guy who (happened) to run across a little more wealth, courtesy of some demon or another. That's just not a good thing, so it's our job to put an end to this demonic cash flow, but more importantly, kick some ass and destroy a tea house!