Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone Diary #2

RPGVault has published their second Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone diary, this time with Stormfront's Andrew Boyd and Robb Mills discussing sound effects and music in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons game. An excerpt to follow:
To create the kind of storytelling and emotional impact we were after, we had to get the system to be even more flexible and responsive, able to track more of the player's actions and the game's states, able to move even more smoothly and fluidly between music cues. We also streamlined our tools; unlike many developers, Stormfront's audio team does all our own implementation, so we worked to get the flow smoother between composition, recording and implementation. This helped us create a soundtrack that is truly an organic part of the overall game experience.

We set ambitious goals for the soundtrack, and we believe the game achieves them. Most of the time players probably won't even notice how responsive the adaptive music system really is; they'll just experience a seamless, dynamic soundtrack that always feels appropriate to the current scene, yet maintains a smooth musical flow.