SpellForce: Breath of Winter Review

PlayXcess has posted a review of Breath of Winter, giving the SpellForce expansion an overall score of 7/10. Check it out:
Following my opening diatribe; BoW does not quite suffer from the malady of the mediocre Sims expansion. BoW offers more than a new dress and the option to go on holiday, but not spectacularly so. BoW does not deserve to be chided with the '˜more of the same' cliché, even if that does ring true. Whilst BoW does not (and does not need to) amend or tighten the core gameplay, it does allow more into the fray, and makes the experience less linear than the antecedent SpellForce. If you enjoyed SpellForce, you probably already have BoW. If, however, you are one of those people who vacillate between the choice of buying fruit shortcake or garibaldi in the supermarket; then heed the advice. For £20, BoW will give a great deal of gratification, but stays on mostly safe ground. Rather like '˜the girl next door'.