Death Watch Bunker Adventure Zone Added to SWG

Sony's official Star Wars Galaxies website has been updated with news that a new adventure zone called the Death Watch Bunker will be coming soon to the game (May 25th). Here's a snip from the new area's background:
For thousands of years, the Mandalorians served as fearsome mercenaries, working throughout the galaxy to help win wars and topple governments. Several years before the Clone Wars, however, the last of the Mandalorians were wiped out by the Jedi. Only Jango Fett survived. The galaxy at large generally believes the Mandalorians to be extinct throughout the galaxy, with Boba Fett possessing the last remaining set of fearsome Mandalorian armor.

Death Watch splinter group is a mysterious mercenary unit, using their fearsome battle armor and training to make credits for anyone who pays them. For ages, this group of surviving Mandalores has remained in hiding on a planet in the Outer Rim. Now, this tiny moon has seen Imperial scouts nosing about and landing supply ships. The Death Watch wants to know why. To help maintain their secrecy, they have contracted with the criminal organization known as Black Sun. The Death Watch and Black Sun mercenaries are keeping an eye, for now, on what the Empire is doing; and they're deciding how to manipulate the situation to their favor.