Champions of Norrath Review

The Laser has posted a review of Champions of Norrath, giving the action RPG an overall score of B+. Their conclusion:
...this is a highly polished title that offers a solidly entertaining experience that unfolds at a fast pace. It's very much like that title in many ways, but there are a few twists that give this title a unique feel. The game's action-orientation makes it instantly appealing with real-time battles and challenging foes. However, there's a lot of depth as well, with plenty of items and spells to find that upgrade your characters. Players will have a lot of fun exploring it's vast worlds, meeting other characters and finding secrets. Its solo gameplay is challenging and emphasizes combat for an addictive single player quest. However, the real fun lies in cooperative online play. Going online adds to the intensity and excitement level rises exponentially when you play with other real players. The smooth graphics engine is surprisingly dynamic and offers plenty of variety in location with challenging level maps and some beautiful special effects. While it's not a traditional turn-based RPG, there's still plenty of depth to keep role-playing fans happy. Champions of Norrath's intuitive controls and fast gameplay creates an accessible, enjoyable experience that's quite exciting and addictive. This is an enjoyable PS2 title that comes highly recommended for fans of the genre.