Neverwinter Impressions @ Evil Avatar

The guys at Evil Avatar have posted their impressions of Neverwinter Nights, in which they give a very positive review. A snippet to follow:

    The single player experience, as I said, is different than Baldur's Gate, but at the same time shines under BioWare's typical polish. The story is instantly engaging, and looks to be immense. Side quests show up around every corner, and the conversations with NPCs is well scripted and often long winded. The hired henchmen are not directly controlled by players, but, forgiving some occasionally iffy pathfinding, their AI seems solid. They act appropriately given their situation, fighters taking the brunt of battles so you can hold back and lob arrows, clerics distribute heals and smite the undead properly, rogues watch for traps, unlock doors, and backstab foes.