Neverwinter Preview, Artwork, and Screenshots

Yep, that's right, and GameSpy has all three of them for your viewing pleasure. To start off, you can go check out the fifteen images they've posted up, and then spend some time reading their brand new preview, which goes something like this:

    The amount of thought that went into the project is truly mind-blowing. "Back in 1997, the three of us started talking about Neverwinter," continues Muzyka, "before we released Baldur's Gate, we met everyday for a year, talking about this. We kept tuning the design and we have these iterative versions of documents -- about 20 different versions from '97, '98 and '99, and if you read any of them they are very true to what the game is now. There's four parts to Neverwinter. You have the module making toolset, the dungeon master mode, the single-player, and the multiplayer and we saw all of them integral to the game like a table, if you knock out the leg of the table, it falls over. And we've always seen the game that way. These four legs are critical to it. The vision hasn't changed from the early days."