Dungeon Siege - They're not Renders, They're Real!

Tell me I'm dreaming. Unbelievable. If anyone in the game industry doesn't become breathless when looking at these five astronomically beautiful screenshots Dungeon Siege Vault posted of the upcoming roleplaying/strat game, I simply have to question your sanity. ;)

My two favs...

  • A page torn from the "Robe of the Oracle" in EverQuest... a delightful tranquility impresses itself on the 19th century robe the wizardess is wearing in this pic while keeping monsters at bay with its unusual non-aggravating turquoise color. It's all in the duds.

  • Here we have a picturesque location every explorer dreams about. Jungle ruins with dense overgrowth opening down to a once-splendid terraced temple pit with a single entrance... nothing but the sound of padded footsteps on mossy green turf, eerily creepy with mystique to spare! <cheese factor: deactivate>