Q & A's on the Star Wars Galaxies Homefront

Shug_Ninx, content supervisor for team-Verant, the company responsible for bringing us the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies in the future, issued a call to message board lurkers to post their any questions about the game up at the official SWG boards, to which they responded in droves. Take a look at his answers to the fan Q & A which is a much larger version of this element:

“Will we be able to customize our character looks when we first create them? Is it going to be like EQ where we can choose from 8 different models, or will it be more like UO where we can change the hair color, skin, or fur color?” -Avendale

The customization options will be much more varied than the options in EQ or UO. We can’t go into all the details, but you’ll have a great deal of freedom when creating your character’s physical appearance.

All in all, an excellent Q & A.