Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Pre-orders Open

The Burning Shores expansion for Guerrilla Games' retro-futuristic open-world RPG Horizon Forbidden West will be coming to PlayStation 5 on April 19, 2023, picking up where the base game left off and offering us a new storyline featuring new characters, machines, and adventures.

And with that date less than a month away, you can now pre-order the expansion and get your hands on some cosmetic bonuses including a new outfit and bow. Here's the official pre-order trailer:

Then, there's this "How to Prepare" video that sheds some light on the upcoming expansion and features a few bits of voice acting from the late Lance Reddick as Sylens:

And some extra details:

Aloy’s journey continues in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores — an expansion which sees the fierce Nora hunter pursue a sinister threat in the untamed wilds of a far-future, volcanic Los Angeles which has been wracked by violent tectonic activity. Pre-orders for Burning Shores, which launches on the PlayStation 5 console on April 19, 2023, are available as of today.

Pre-ordering will give players access to the following digital bonuses:
  • Blacktide Dye Outfit (available at the first dye merchant)
  • Blacktide Sharpshot Bow (available from the first merchant in the Burning Shores)
The story picks up Aloy’s story right where Horizon Forbidden West left off – so, to enter the Burning Shores, you must complete the main quest (up to and including the final quest Singularity) in Horizon Forbidden West. Following the events of Singularity, she will receive a call over her Focus, beginning the DLC.

Aloy will then be able to travel to a dangerous new region south of the Tenakth Clan Lands, where players will experience a compelling new storyline featuring new characters, machines, and adventures – we look forward to sharing more details with you very soon!