Remnant 2 - Procedural Generation Explained

The recent Gunslinger archetype reveal for Gunfire Games' upcoming action-RPG Remnant 2 was accompanied by an IGN article with some exclusive extra details. And that was merely the first part of their ongoing coverage of this intriguing project.

Which now brings us to this article highlighting Remnant 2's impressive dedication to procedural generation. We also get a few quotes from the studio's CEO David Adams there, explaining just why his studio loves randomizing things so much.

Here's a quick excerpt:

And that’s not by accident. As Gunfire Games’ CEO, David Adams, explained: “The way that works in the game is that all the quests, all the events, are all randomized. So if you go in and you fight a miniboss, and another player goes in and fights a miniboss in an area, they might have a completely different boss. You might have different events. There's different random events that occur in the game, and even the layouts of the dungeons change.”