Diablo IV - Beta Live Action Trailer and Sweepstakes

Blizzard Entertainment seems to have pulled all the stops out and is all-in on Diablo IV. And as a result, with the game's open beta just around the corner, they gave Adam Miller, a prominent artist specializing in large-scale baroque paintings, a seemingly impossible task of decorating a deconsecrated church with a giant Diablo IV mural in mere 30 days.

You can check out the shockingly-impressive results in this here live-action trailer that reminds us of the upcoming beta:

But beyond just that, if you reach level 25 during the upcoming beta and sign up over here, you'll get a chance to have your face painted inside the walls of the "Cathedral of Diablo." There's a quick trailer for that as well:

And finally, you might want to also watch this neat behind the scenes video: