Master of Magic Remake: Through the Myrror Deep Dive - New Wizards

We're now less than a week away from the March 9, 2023 release of the Through the Myrror content update for the recent Master of Magic remake. And so, we can now check out a couple of last-minute deep dives introducing us to the new wizards the update will be adding.

First off, there's Raa’ss, a Draconian wizard who's all about Chaos and Death magics and their practical applications on the battlefield. Here's more on him:

Raa’ss: a Draconian Wizard

This draconian wizard is known for his incredible mastery of Chaos and Death Magic, which he wields with deadly precision on the battlefield. As a Fantastic Warlord, Raa’ss is able to summon powerful creatures to fight alongside him, adding even more power to his already formidable arsenal.

But Raa’ss is not just any ordinary wizard. He is filled with rage and turmoil, which he channels into his conquests with a frightening level of intensity. Raa’ss is not one to conform to societal norms either; he refuses to wear humanoid clothes and prefers to stick to his draconian roots. He also harbors a deep hatred for his supposed twin, Sss’ra.

Many say that Raa’ss' true origin is steeped in malice, and that he is, in fact, a dark reflection of Sss’ra come to life. It's unclear whether Raa’ss and Sss’ra are blood brothers or twins, but the relationship between them is shrouded in ambiguity. Raa’ss' anger is not just a result of his nature, but also a questioning of the reality of his own existence.

Some speculate that Sss’ra projected his negative emotions into a mirror using dark magic as a child, much like the Dorian Gray story, and was repulsed by the dark image he saw. He then smashed the mirror, not realizing that the reflection had a mind of its own. From the shards of the destroyed mirror, Raa’ss was born, filled with anger and vengeance towards his supposed "brother".

Raa’ss Magic and Traits

Raa’ss' magic books are Chaos and Death, and he possesses traits of Myrran and Fantastic Warlord which add +1 defense, resistance, and attack to fantastic creatures. He is a force to be reckoned with, and many are curious to see how his story will unfold in the world of Master of Magic.

Magic Books:



Wizard Traits:


Fantastic warlord

And then, we also have Corax, a birdman with a penchant for Life magic and a somewhat shady past. Here's what he's all about:

The latest addition to the roster of Wizards in Master of Magic: Through the Myrror, is the enigmatic Corax, a former criminal who turned his life around to become a champion of Life magic.

His unique background and mastery of the Life domain make him a formidable force on the battlefield. Corax was inspired by his enlightened father to change his ways and seek the light. He even went so far as to change his feathers to reflect his newfound path. Now, he seeks to bring his wisdom to darkened places, using force if necessary.

Corax's command of Life magic is unmatched. As the Lifebringer, he has the ability to resurrect fallen allies and imbue them with healing skills. His ultimate goal is to spread the power of Life magic throughout the Myrror and bring peace and prosperity to all.

Despite his past, Corax has quickly gained a following among those seeking a new way of life.

Corax Magic and Traits

With his mastery of Life magic and his unique background, Corax is sure to be a force to be reckoned with in the ongoing battle for supremacy on the Myrror. Those seeking to align themselves with the power of Life would do well to seek out Corax and his followers.

Magic Books:


Wizard Traits:



His presence on the battlefield is sure to shake things up and bring a new perspective to the world of Master of Magic on March 9th.