Knights of the Chalice 2 - Weather Effects and World Map Update

Heroic Fantasy Games brings us a new Kickstarter update for their OGL RPG Knights of the Chalice 2 that lists the game's latest patch notes. The key standouts there is the new weather effects system, some inventory management optimizations, and an option to adjust movement speed when out of combat.

Beyond that, we get a sneak peek at the world map that will be used for the game's upcoming modules, including The Dark Arena that's currently the studio's main focus. We're also told that Knights of the Chalice 2 became the second-best RPG of 2022 according to the RPG Codex Game of The Year 2022 poll.

Here are a few excerpts from this robust update:

The latest version of the game adds the following (please scroll down for all the details of the update):
  • Moving-water special effects. To see them, you'll have to activate the option 'Display Moving Water Animation' under 'Display' in the Game Options screen.
  • Four types of weather special effects: Rain, Snow, Falling Leaves, and Glows (Will-of-the-wisps).
  • A new option to display the mouse cursor while moving items in the Inventory Screen.
  • A new option to adjust the walk speed out of combat. This may make movement smoother.
KotC 2 gets Second Place in RPG Codex GOTY 2022

I'm very glad to report that Knights of the Chalice 2: Augury of Chaos has obtained the Second Place in the RPG Codex Game Of The Year 2022 poll:

Thank you so much to RPG Codex for setting up the poll, and for its steadfast support through the years! Also a big Thank You to everyone who voted in the poll, and to Dorateen for letting me know about the result! ^_^

Both Elden Ring, the winner of the poll, and KotC 2 received 75% of positive votes. Elden Ring obtained a score of 3.81 while KotC 2 obtained a score of 3.74. I think that's an awesome result!


New large-size World Map of Mindrel

In the past month, I spent quite a lot of time working on the new large-size World Map of Mindrel in Campaign Cartographer 3+ using the Spectrum Overland style. Please note: it's still a work in progress.

I'm planning to use this new world map to create various regional maps that will be used in the three upcoming adventure modules, starting with The Dark Arena. The existing world map isn't large enough to be used for regional maps. The new world map will cover 15,000 x 15,000 pixels.

About the Game-Time recording bug

I recently identified the bug with the recording of game time, with the help of Steve. Thank you very much Steve! The bug is due to the session clock not being reset when saving a game. That results in an increase in the recorded game time when saving the game several times in a row without reloading.

I've fixed that bug for version 1.58, which will be coming soon. For the moment, you can reload a game after each save in order to get the correct game-time recording.


Next Steps for Knights of the Chalice 2

Unchanged from the previous update, the next development steps are the following:
  • Work on the three upcoming adventure modules. Create the new world map & new dungeon maps.
  • Hire a graphic designer to create new sprites, new maps and other types of artwork.
  • Fix any remaining issues mentioned on the Steam Forum, GOG Forum, website Forums, and by email.
  • Implement new features such as new monster abilities, subraces, familiars, items and the fog effect.
As always, if you find bugs or if you have any feedback, thoughts and suggestions, please feel free to let me know here, or in the Forums, or by email at enquiries [at]

A Bold Warrior Fears Nothing! Thank You For Your Support, Brave Heroes of the Realm! Take care :)