Geneforge 2 - Infestation Kickstarter Week Two Update, $63,122 and Counting

Another week has gone by for Spiderweb Software's Geneforge 2 - Infestation Kickstarter campaign. And while things have definitely slowed down, the campaign is currently sitting at a very much respectable $63,122 pledged, which means the project's second stretch goal is in and the remastered game will be getting a new storyline.

And this brings us to Jeff Vogel's second campaign update where he mentions passing this milestone, directs us to this recent PC Gamer article spotlighting the remaster, and shares a fresh screenshot together with a promise to rework and expand the game's dialogue.

Here are the text bits:

Hello from Spiderweb Software! The Geneforge 2 - Infestation Kickstarter has just completed its second week, and things are going great. Here is an update.

We have reached our second stretch goal! This means that we’ll be adding a whole new storyline to Geneforge 2, with its own characters, sections, sweet loot, and a new creation to discover. The world of Geneforge is full of stuff that can be expanded in interesting ways. There are things we can expand upon that people have been asking for for twenty years, and we were listening!

We also just got a very nice write-up from PC Gamer magazine. We have a huge fondness for PC Gamer. It’s one of the last old-school game magazines around, and they have been covering us since the 90s. Them stepping in to help us out in our old age gives us a warm feeling in our hearts.

As for development itself, we are slowly gearing up to begin development of the game itself. Thinking up new ideas. Taking a second look at the game elements we’ve already designed and seeing what we’re still happy with. The Geneforge 1 remaster got a very kind reception, and we want to make sure you still like us. Right now we’re still taking a bit of a breath, but serious development will begin the moment the Kickstarter ends.

Thank you again for your support! We’re hoping to make our next stretch goal and make even more content. Next week, we’ll let you know how it’s going. Have a great week!

- Jeff Vogel