Code of the Savage Update #42 - NPC Crazy

Code of the Savage, Geoff Jones' Ultima-inspired RPG, should soon be getting a new demo to showcase it in its current state. But before we get to that, we're treated to this here Kickstarter update with a quick progress report and several fresh screenshots.

According to the update, the game can now boast 72 in-game books, while its towns are populated with about 120 NPCs who all have their daily schedules and dialogue trees. There's also a new Ancient City tile set.

Here are the text bits:

Greetings backers,

Again, I took very few notes on changes/fixes during this update period... So listing all the changes this time would be a bit meaningless. Rest assured the list would have been looooooooong. This is by no means a completely comprehensive update.

I've been more focused on development rather than putting out updates, particularly things like in-game books, NPCs, and NPC dialogue.

There are now 72 in-game books. There are 120 NPC's all of which have their daily schedules, portrait and base dialogue tree.

All the towns in the game are now fully populated with the "base" number of NPCs. More will be added, but I now have the minimum number for every town. This is a huge milestone for the game and it was a hell of a lot of work.

Ancient city tile set

I've fleshed out the ancient city tile set. I wont go into detail about the story behind it, suffice to say that it is linked to the ancient ruins that can be found throughout the surface. You will uncover its secrets when you play the game :)

I'm happy with how the game is progressing, and I've been very motivated to keep pushing through... Although development hell is definitely real...

Next time I hope to get a demo out that will allow you to explore more of the world now that the towns are fleshed out. Don't bother downloading the current demo, as it's waaaay out of date...

Keep an eye on CoTS Twitter, as that is where I post more frequent smaller updates.

Thank you all for your continued support, it means the world to me.