Dark Envoy Co-op Gameplay and Soundtrack

With Event Horizon bringing a new demo of their "Guns N’ Sorcery" tactical RPG Dark Envoy to Steam, you might be curious to see what the game has to offer in its current state. But if you, for one reason or other, are currently unable or unwilling to play the demo yourself, you can instead watch a developer-narrated gameplay session spotlighting Dark Envoy's seamless co-op mode.

Check it out:

And then, you might also be interested in listening to the game's soundtrack:

Finally, here's a bit more on Dark Envoy's approach to co-op:

Dark Envoy features a 'drop-in / drop-out anytime' online cooperative story mode. Although we are focusing on the single-player experience in the Steam Next Fest demo, you're also welcome to try out the early beta version of the online co-op mode and play with a friend.


The multiplayer mode is in an early beta stage. Various bugs and connectivity issues may occur. We appreciate all your feedback: https://forms.gle/YRFixuVpDXn8TX9f8

How to invite a friend to join your game?

As a host, you have full control over the game and your friend will be a guest, sharing your story progress, characters, and inventory with you.

While in the game, use ESC to enter the pause menu. Select Multiplayer and click Start Session. After a few seconds, a unique invitation code will appear. Copy this code and send it to your friend. To join the session, your friend must be in the main menu of the game. They must select Join Game and paste the code into the pop-up window. If the session creation / join fails, please try again.

Controlling the play

Once your friend joins your game, they are automatically assigned a unit from your party to control. They can manage that unit's inventory, abilities, and attributes. They can enchant items, trade, and craft new items. The inventory, however, is shared. You can decide which units the guest player controls in the multiplayer menu. Just drag the unit icon to a player in the list to assign the unit to a player.