StarCrawlers: Chimera Early Access Patch v1.5.2 Available

While they're working on a new major content update for their single-character dungeon crawler StarCrawlers: Chimera, Juggernaut Games brings us this smaller patch finalizing the skill trees for the game's Cyberninja, Smuggler, Void Psyker and Force Psyker classes.

Here are the patch notes:

Slipping from the shadows into 2023 is a new update… Cyberninja, Smuggler, Void Psyker and Force Psyker trees are now complete! Engineer, Space Pirate and the utility skill trees will be following in a minor patch. The next major patch will unlock the 5th floor near the heart of Chimera’s operations : the Bio Labs.

NEW Cyberninja Abilities

Cyberninja abilities have been revisited and improved to reward stealthy gameplay and bonuses versus those Unaware targets. Once you’ve racked up some kills (and blown your cover), unleash the Rolling Thunder to rampage from target to target.
  • Assassin Strike / Shot Attack with your main hand weapon and deal bonus damage. If the target is Unaware, this ability is Instant.
    Perk : The Professional. Assassin Strike / Shot deals increased damage if the target is Unaware.
  • Stealth Field (Instant) Activate to gain increased Stealth based on Cyberninja rank while draining Stamina each turn.
    Perk : GH-05T Matrix. When activated, enemies that can see you have a chance to become Unaware.
  • Sneaky Assassin Perk : Nanotoxin. When attacking an Unaware target, you have a chance to poison and slow for 5 turns.
  • Surge Perk : Overcharge. Surges also reduces the cooldown on all Cyberninja abilities by 1 to 3 turns.
  • Deadly Focus Perk : Murderous Intent. While Deadly Focus is active, killing an enemy resets the cooldown on Deadly Focus.
  • Rolling Thunder Killing an enemy grants you 1 stack of Rolling Thunder. Stacks up to 10 times. Activate to consume all stacks and gain Rolling Thunder for as many turns. While active, you gain Stamina, Crit, and deal increased damage each time an enemy dies.
    Perk : Stormfall. When an enemy dies while Rolling Thunder is active, activate Surge.
NEW Smuggler Abilities

The Smuggler has bargained for a selection of new abilities focused on creative uses of their credits. As you invest in your enemies demise and your own longevity, you build up the power of your Bounty to unleash on the strongest foes.
  • Mug (Passive) When a Humanoid corpse is nearby, you automatically rifle their pockets to loot a few bonus credits. Improves with Loot Find.
    Perk : Kleptothrillia. When you loot credits with Mug, all damage you deal briefly increases based on the amount looted.
  • Flashbang Perk : Lure. Flashbang becomes Lure. Toss a distraction that forces nearby Unaware enemies to investigate it for several turns. When Lure expires, it explodes, dealing damage to nearby targets and inflicting Blind and Unaware.
  • Sticky Fingers Perk : Velvet Touch. When you steal from a vendor for the first time, you always steal the most expensive item and always succeed.
  • Insurance Policy Invest credits to absorb damage equal to your investment. More money, less problems.
    Perk : Fraudian Slip. While Insurance Policy is active, you recoup credits over time.
  • Fistful of Credits (Instant) Toss credits at a target to deal damage.
    Perk : For A Few Credits More. If Fistful of Credits fails to kill the target, toss more credits and deal additional damage.
  • Hired Goon Pay credits to teleport in a heavily armed merc to run wild and draw the attention of all nearby enemies…
    Perk : Buddy Shield. While your Hired Goon is nearby, 30% of damage taken is redirected to them.
  • Bounty Pay credits to place a bounty on the target, boosting all damage taken for several turns. Improves each time you spend credits with a Smuggler ability, up to 100% bonus damage. Damage bonus resets after use.
    Perk : Wanted Dead (Not Alive). If the target dies while Bounty is active, recoup the credits you paid and Bounty loses only 50% of damage boost.
NEW Force Psyker Abilities

The Force Psyker has been reinforced with defensive psykonic abilities that allow them to absorb punishment and turn it against their foes. At max rank, the Behemoth awakens, allowing Force Psykers to equip a shield and heavy weapon together and render vengeance to the unworthy.
  • Kinetic Slam Perk : Kinetic Grab. If your target is at range, attempt to pull them next to you.
  • Bastion Perk : Fortress of the Mind. On taking damage, you have a chance to begin gaining Armor each turn for several turns.
  • Reverb Perk : Aftershock. When Reverb activates, deal damage to nearby enemies.
  • Barrier Perk : Prescience. Each turn that Barrier is not active, the chance to trigger increases. Resets when Barrier triggers.
  • Judgement When an enemy damages you, gain 1 stack of Judgement. Activate to consume all stacks and begin dealing damage each turn to all visible enemies. Stacks up to 10 times.
    Perk : Vengeance. When Judgement deals damage, the damage it deals increases.
  • Behemoth (Passive) When a Heavy weapon is equipped in your main hand, you may also equip a shield. Your maximum Stamina is increased.
    Perk : Leviathan. Your Stamina regenerates 200% faster when it is below 30% of maximum.
NEW Void Psyker Abilities

Void Psykers have received new dark gifts in the form of abilities that reward you for maintaining dangerously high levels of Void Energy. Don’t fear the Void, make your enemies fear it. And then make the Void fear you with the new Ascendance perk : One with the Void.
  • Shadowcoil Perk : Ravenous Shadows. Shadowcoil deals reduced damage but attacks twice as many times and can repeatedly attack a single target.
  • Tenebrous Vigor (Passive) Gain Stamina each turn as your Void Energy increases.
    Perk : Umbral Shell. As your Void Energy increases, you have an increasing chance to completely evade incoming damage.
  • Tentacles Perk : Night of the Tentacle. Each Tentacle grants you Smarts.
  • Void Blast Perk : Gloom Burst. If Void Blast kills the target, they cast Shadowcoil on nearby enemies.
  • Essence Drain (Passive) Your damaging Void Psyker abilities inflict Essence Drain. Essence Drain deals minor damage each turn for several turns and heals you each time it deals damage.
    Perk : Veiled Lure. Victims of Essence Drain attract Void Monsters to attack them and take bonus damage from Supernatural enemies.
  • Ascendance Perk : One with the Void. When you cast Ascendance, banish all visible Void Monsters and summon Tentacles in their place. While Ascendance is active, summon a new Tentacle each turn.
  • Removed Smuggler Vault ability - Smugglers now have new abilities and don’t need to steal from Acrobatics.
  • Fixed an issue with a Production floor “food review” event if the player had already completed the boss fight.
Coming Soon (in no particular order)
  • Floor 5 - The Bio Labs
  • Space Pirate, Engineer, and utility updates
  • ChimeraLinq update
As always, thank you for your support!

- Thunderflux & Juggernaut Games