Disco Elysium - Similar and Upcoming Titles

Seeing how the original developers behind Disco Elysium are currently embroiled in a series of legal battles over the intellectual properties surrounding the game, there's little chance Disco Elysium 2 will be releasing anytime soon. And if that does happen, it will more than likely enter the annals of disappointing sequels alongside Deus Ex: Invisible War and Dark Souls 2.

Despite this, the first game has already been impactful enough to establish a new subgenre of narrative RPGs, and so we can now check out this PC Gamer article that lists a number of recent and yet to be released titles following in Disco Elysium's footsteps.

Here's a couple of examples to get you started:

Esoteric Ebb(opens in new tab) could be out next year—though its Steam page only says "coming soon"—and it goes so far as to call itself a "Disco-like CRPG." Developer Christoffer Bodegård cites Planescape Torment and Baldur's Gate in the game's description, too. It's set in a fantastical city where a tea shop's been blown up before a historic election; . you play as a cleric who can engage in skill-check-based conversations as well as magic-based combat during the course of an investigation. A version of Disco Elysium's thought cabinet is here too: the 'questing tree' shows you dialogue and leads to chase as you work to uncover what caused the explosion.

Sovereign Syndicate(opens in new tab) doesn't call itself a Disco-like CRPG, but it sure looks like one. It's set in Victorian steampunk London, but everything else heavily resembles Disco Elysium. It has a 'tarot card chance' system that determines how other characters react to you and what actions you can take. As you learn more about the world, you gain skills that you can deploy to unlock unique dialogue and skill checks. The isometric game promises a lot of branching choices and already has a demo available on Steam.