Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness - Localization News and Recent Changelog

With Steam's Winter Sale upon us, GrapeOcean Technologies brings us this quick development update for their Baldur's Gate-inspired CRPG Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness that lists all the recent fixes and improvements and lets us know that the game will be getting a French localization in January 2023.

Check it out:

Greetings, adventurers!

Just a quick update before the Winter Sale. We are happy to share that the French translation is coming very soon, in January 2023! If you have been waiting for the French localization and don't own the game yet, the upcoming Winter Sale is a great opportunity to get Black Geyser.

Since our previous Steam post, Black Geyser received two updates with several improvements and bugfixes. You can see their combined changelog below. Moreover, you can always visit this Steam topic for the most recent changelist of the game.

Latest Changes
  • Smaller fixes in the German, Spanish and Latin American Spanish localizations
  • Removed unnecessary instances of Grandmaster's Wardstone from creatures
  • Gibbed Simulacrums no longer cause visual issues during the Rothgor battle
  • Traps no longer cause infinite duration status effects
  • Summoning traps now properly summon their creatures
  • Effects of summoning traps can no longer be resisted
  • Hostility with neutral animals is no longer carried over to other areas
  • King Velianrick's eyes now turn green when he goes mad, matching his portrait
  • Moved several creature spawns to avoid instant combat upon entering an area
  • Resting is now unavailable in the Dreaming
  • Added undead ambush groups to the Temple of Alvimelkedic
  • Added Ice Elemental ambush to Tor's Cliff and The Broken Monastery
  • Added Scorpion ambush to the Ruined Estate
  • Added additional horrors to the crypts in the Voices in the Dark quest
  • Harrah now moves inside her house after her quest is finished
  • Added missing Main Quest Guidance panel to check Rauche's corpse during The City of Iron
  • The world map marker inside the Mountain Ranger now appears in the correct position
  • Emeria in Freynagar now uses the correct soundset
  • Gameplay Settings now offers an option to hide Party Member circles
  • Comparison tooltips now compare both equipped weapon sets to the inventory item
  • Character presets now always load in the proper tab of Character Creation UI
  • Resting outdoors is now enabled at the Deron-Guld Mines
  • Disabled resting on the lower level of Deron-Guld Mines
  • Looting axes from cannibals at Castle Alastor no longer causes inventory bugs
  • Tooltips for Anticipating and Standing Firm are now displayed properly
  • Fixed typo in the quest items for The Bonecrafter's Art
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We wish you all a happy Böoreste!

The Black Geyser Team