Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Board Game Kickstarter Campaign Concluded

Having just started two weeks ago, Archon Studio's Kickstarter campaign for Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Board Game is over. With a total of €3,834,885 pledged and the initial goal set at €50,000, pretty much all the stretch goals got funded. And so the developers are now looking to open the pledge manager in April 2023 and then close it around October 2023 in preparation for the game's release.

And with that in mind, here's a quick thank you message from the team:

We’ve finally reached the end of the campaign! We really can’t thank you enough for your support, this wouldn’t be possible without you!

Thank you!

We never would have thought that we would be able to share such an amazing game with so many fans, and it really means a lot to us that you all decided to hop onto this train with us. We also want to thank all of the people that were helpful in the comments (especially Derek)!

Congratulations to everyone for unlocking the Mighty Dragon Duo! It seems like the cavalry finally arrived and we managed to break that last stretch goal thanks to everyone’s help!

So, what’s next?

After the campaign is over, backers will have to wait until the pledge manager opens to finalise their order and pay for shipping. Just a reminder that all final orders are made in the Pledge Manager and NOT Kickstarter. After all, we can’t ship your pledge without your address!

Right now, the Pledge Manager is planned to open in April 2023, we will post an update announcing the opening of the Pledge Manager and backers will receive an email that will lead them directly to the website. Once there, the money that you pledged on Kickstarter is transferred over as credits which you can use to select a pledge/addons/language version and pay for shipping. Everyone is also able to late pledge or increase the amount that they pledged by.

The pledge manager is planned to close at about October 2023, giving everyone plenty of time to prepare for the release. After that, it’s just a matter of waiting for mass production to finish after which we ship the pledges.

Post campaign survey

Last but not least, we got a small survey prepared for you to collect feedback about... our campaign. Click here to take a survey and help us create more successful campaigns in the future!

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As always, if you have any questions then please reach out to us via contact [at] archon-studio.com, write to us in the comments or join our discord where we also frequently answer questions!

See you, Adventurers!

Szymon Ewertowski