Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Board Game Kickstarter Campaign Live

At this point, Kickstarter campaigns for board games are essentially elaborate pre-order schemes. And so it's no surprise then that Archon Studio's campaign for a board game adaptation of Heroes of Might and Magic III has managed to secure over $1,200,000 in its first day despite seeking a fairly modest €50,000. With that in mind, you might want to check out this recent Q&A Live Stream:

And the first campaign update:

Good morning, Adventurers! ☀️

Time for the end of the first turn! It was a wild first day and there were plenty of artifacts hiding in the Fog of War that everyone managed to find, feel free to check the Stretch Goals section for more information! But anyways, first things first.

Thank you for your support!

The campaign for Heroes of Might & Magic III: the Board Game is fully funded, thanks to you! As I am writing this update, there are already 5500 heroes in the Tavern, ready for more adventures.

Open the chest

You've found a lot of treasures, some of them upgrading the core game, and some of being Kickstarter Exclusives. If a particular Stretch Goal is marked as a “Core Game upgrade” it means every copy of the game gets that upgrade. If an item is marked as “Kickstarter and Tradeshow Exclusive” which means that item will be only available as a part of our Stretch Goals or available on our stand during trade shows like Essen Spiel or Gencon. Last but not least, “Azure” means that the Stretch Goal is a part of the “Azure” pledges only.


But we all know what matters the most - the Tower expansion.

Tower Expansion progress

We are now off to rest in our Polish Timezone, in a few hours we will be back in the comments and have some new surprises ready!

You can always reach us in the comments section, with private message on Kickstarter or simply sending us an e-mail via contact [at] archon-studio.com.

Michal the Warlock from the Archon Town