Weird West Patch v1.05 Adds Mod Support

WolfEye Studios has put together a new update for Weird West. For the most part, this new patch revolves around adding official mod support to the game and showcasing some of the existing mods, one of which makes this isometric immersive sim not quite as isometric.

Check it out:

Some additional details:

Weird West Patch 1.05 is now live. This new free update introduces mod support for the game and fixes a handful of bugs reported by the community.

Edit: please note that due to a technical issue the release of patch 1.05 on the Epic Game Store has been delayed but should be available within 24 hours (the build update is just pending Epic approval but is all ready to go!)


You can now browse and install mods directly from the in-game mod menu, courtesy of!

We threw in a few sample mods for you to toy with as a starter pack:
  • Gender Swap mod: lets you swap the visual gender of the Bounty Hunter, Pigman, Protector and Devotee
  • Undead Animals mod: lets you swap animals' visual model for undead variations
  • Long Lasting Tools mod: new shovels, pickaxes, and skinning tools will have increased durability
  • No Friendly Fire mod: disables friendly fire even in higher difficulty modes

On top of the four sample mods we're providing, you will also find shipping with patch 1.05 a free, quirky first-person mod from Joe Wintergreen. A very fun way to rediscover Weird West! More details over here. This mod can be installed directly from the new in-game modding menu!

Please keep in mind that this mod is a community-made mod and was not made by Wolfeye Studios. We are only promoting it here but won't be providing support for it ourselves, since we are not its creators.


If you're interested in creating mods for Weird West, give it your best shot and upload it via the web page to make it available in-game for everybody!

BUG FIXING (PC/Playstation/Xbox)

While mod support is only releasing for PC Steam/EGS/GoG, Patch 1.05 is still releasing on all other storefronts and platforms, as it's also bringing in a handful of fixes:
  • Fixes scenery shadows flickering, which was happening in some locations when rotating the camera on Xbox and Playstation
  • Rebinding the key for USE on PC now also correctly remaps the "drop" key when carrying objects around
  • If a shovel or pickaxe somehow ended up with zero durability when transferred out of the player's inventory, it will regain its full durability upon being retrieved
  • Fixed bounty board sometimes having a child as bounty target, resulting in an impossible-to-kill bounty
  • Fixed rare case during the Protector Journey where the Ravenous attack waves in Olvidado Pueblo were never ending, causing the objective to become stuck

For those of you playing on PC Game Pass: there is a manual way to check out mods (you just wont get the in game mod browsing and install menu due to technicalities we won't go into details here.)

What you can do at the moment for PC Game Pass is download the mods you want to install from (on their website then unzip the content of the downloaded zip file into your game pass installed directory:

For instance: X:\XboxGames\Weird West Win10\Content\Nova\Content\Paks

After doing that the mod(s) will be automatically mounted and activated next time you launch the game.