Knights of the Chalice 2 - New Spells & Features

This month's Kickstarter update for Knights of the Chalice 2 summarizes a couple of the game's recent patches that fix an assortment of bugs and issues, introduce a few new quality of life features, and expand the game's spell and feat lists.

Here's an overview of the new stuff and you take it from there:

In the past month, I've been focusing on the implementation of new spells, features and options. There are 19 new spells, including eight Druid spells, seven Wizard spells, two Rogue spells, one Cleric spell and one Psychic Warrior psionic power. There is also a new feat for the Druid and Storm Warrior: Wild Shape Mastery. See below for the description of all the new spells, as well as the new feat. Thank you so much Juhani for the awesome spell suggestions and design help!!

The new options and features include Custom Spell Sound Effects, Display of the Monster Injury Status, Expanded Information Tooltip for the Feint combat action, Increased or Decreased Combat Experience Point Awards, Stop Condition for the Auto Recasting of Healing Spells, New Search Functions for both the Inventory Screen and Spellbook Interface, and Deactivated Focus on Party Members when moving out of combat.

Version 1.51 also implemented 16 new sound effects that are played when you cast spells such as Hideous Laughter, Mass Hideous Laughter, Lesser Malison, Circle of Pain, Wail of the Banshee, Fly, Fly Psionic, Psionic Pounce, and Blindsight, or when you activate certain Spirit Animals of the Barbarian such as the Elephant Spirit Animal, Bear Spirit Animal, Jaguar Spirit Animal, Porpoise Spirit Animal, Eagle Spirit Animal, Rhinoceros Spirit Animal, and Cobra Spirit Animal. Finally, there's a new sound effect that is played when a Mirror Image is destroyed, and another for Centaur skill uses.

I really like the new sound effects. They really help make the new spells and Spirit Animals come alive. A Big Thank You to Robbie for the awesome Hideous Laughter, Wail of the Banshee and Death Metal sound effects!! I've got many more sounds from Robbie but I expect to implement them along with the upcoming adventure module.

A few days ago, I purchased the new Symbol Set 6 Isometric Cities for Campaign Cartographer 3+ from ProFantasy Software. It's a great tool for creating cool city maps with isometric castles, houses, etc. Some images can be found here and you can watch a video here. Be sure to email ProFantasy quickly if you'd like a pre-release offer before it expires on 24 November. I've sent suggestions to Ralf from ProFantasy for additional isometric city elements covering exotic settings such as Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, Arabian Nights, the Aztec Empire, etc.