MythForce - Elements Update Available

Elements is the title of the latest early access update for Beamdog's roguelite adventure MythForce. This update fixes a decent number of bugs, takes a look at some of the game's elemental spells and interactions, and adds a few quality of life features.

Here are the patch notes along with a few paragraphs from the project's director Luke Rideout:


Greetings, friends, Project Director Luke here. Hopefully most of you will have already noticed the PTR and have had a chance to play a little bit, and give us some feedback on our feature experiments there. If you haven’t, I recommend giving it a look! It’s chock-full of in-progress features that we’d love to share with you in the “safety” of the unstable PTR branch - separate from the main branch. If you already have MythForce, you’ll automatically have access to the PTR, so give it a try! Please have a look at for more details on the PTR and what it contains.

PTR talk aside, that doesn’t mean we’ve completely pumped the brakes on content updates for the main-line game. It’s not huge as we’re focused heavily on prototyping, but we’ve got a small but fun update to the main branch of MythForce as well.

This time around, we’ve focused on a couple quality-of-life and immersion features, as well as fixing some run-ender bugs that cause players to lose the ability to fight under certain conditions. The addition you’re going to notice right away is a brand new navigation ping that tells you where the exit door is after a room has been cleared - we know folks could get a little turned around in the dungeon, so this should hopefully keep you moving in the right direction.

Additionally, we’ve added a few minor environmental interactions so that standing in ambient fire and water now have special effects. No more walking through the campfire without singing your breeches, and now you can extinguish yourself in water - but beware lightning bolts, as getting wet means you’ll take extra damage from electricity type damage.

Have a look down below for a detailed list of changes in Content Update 9.

  • Added a navigation ping for players when a room has been cleared, showing the location of the exit door.
  • Altered the Ice Book charged attack (blizzard) to do AoE damage within its circle.
  • Some environmental elements now affect the player
    • Standing in fire, such as a campfire or brazier, will now cause fire damage
    • While in water, players & enemies gain resistance to fire elemental damage
    • While in water, players & enemies gain vulnerability to electric elemental damage
    • Resistance & vulnerability are do not stack upon, or negate effects from trinkets
  • Improved the VFX for the Cleaving and Blasting weapon enchantments
  • Fixed an issue where client players could become unable to interact with their inventory after ricocheting off of a hard surface with a greatsword.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a player would be unable to attack after blocking with a shield.
  • Fixed an issue where players could become unable to attack or interact with their inventory after a perfect block or entering exhaustion.
  • Fixed an issue where Barrier III could fail to protect from certain enemy spells.
  • Fixed an issue where the barrier effect from Sling Shield III could become permanently stuck on characters.
  • Fixed an issue where Hawkins’s Spirit Dash would visibly “jitter” when dodging left
  • Fixed an issue where lizardman rogues could become stuck in their charging animation when performing their special attack.
  • Fixed an issue where Hawkins’s Spirit Dash could fail to mitigate fall damage at certain height differences.
  • Fixed an issue where the hotbar dividers were not appearing
  • Fixed an issue where some incorrect voice lines and barks could play instead of the correct audio.
  • Fixed an issue where an enemy could become unresponsive if blinded again while already afflicted with blind status.
  • Fixed an issue where Maggie’s Feather Fall VFX could become permanently stuck in 3rd person.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could fail to return to a neutral state after performing a charge attack with a greatsword.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash for clients if the host quits a multiplayer game while a Necrolyte is present.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would appear to jitter when moving toward players.
  • Fixed an issue that caused movement to stutter after being revived.
  • Fixed an issue where some enemy animations would begin stuttering after being knocked down by a client player in a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed an issue where the host player would see client player dodge animations appear to bounce or jitter while in motion.
  • Fixed an issue where the hit sound would still play when a player successfully mitigates incoming damage with a dodge.