Code of the Savage Update #41 - Intro Scene

The latest Kickstarter update for Geoff Jones' Ultima-inspired RPG Code of the Savage brings us a quick progress report and a gameplay video featuring the game's intro sequence. So, if you'd like to see the game starts, you should check this out:

Intro sequence

The intro sequence has now been added to the game showing how the player ends up on Daneth under tragic circumstances. It is very much open to suggestion and definitively subject to change.

I'm very interested in getting your feedback - positive or negative.

Other stuff
  • Added intro scene
  • Added weapon swing animation for NPCs
  • Added temporary dialog dummy object for cutscenes
  • Sound falloff script now checks camera position, not player
  • Fixed NPC corpse alignment on death
  • Added instant camera move and fade in to cutscenes
  • Blood screen now follows camera, not player
  • Fixed player gaining XP when an NPC kills an NPC
  • Copses now fall in the opposite direction of the attacker instead of randomly
  • Zone checking now more efficient
  • Added offset option for display text
  • Added screen center helper object
  • Added cell doors
  • Fixed NPCs disabling during cutscenes