MythForce - Power Up Update Available

Beamdog's roguelite adventure MythForce has received a new early access update. Aptly named, this Power Up update introduces a new set of ability upgrades for the game's heroes, and then kicks things up a notch by adding a new set of aerial abilities and some new game rules on top of that.

The link above has the patch notes, and here's a quick letter from the game's director Luke Rideout:

Happy Halloweek, friends! This is Project Director Luke with your end-of-October update: Content Update 8—“Power Up”

As the name suggests, this update focuses on powering up your heroes by adding new abilities to their arsenal—namely the long-awaited 3rd set of ability upgrades to each of the heroes’ 3 special abilities, as well as a set of brand-new aerial abilities, each unique to their character.

Now, when you are mid-air and far enough off of the ground, each character has a unique ability: Rico gains the ability to double-jump, allowing him to reach higher spots and even hop over a hostile enemy’s head; Maggie gains the ability to magically slow her fall, Hawkins can magically propel himself through the air, dashing horizontally much like dodging on solid ground; and Victoria can charge up to target a spot on the ground to strike with extreme force.

You’d better spend some time practicing these new jump abilities, though. Now that they’re there, normal falls from a sufficient height will cause some damage.

Aside from the new jump abilities, we’re also rolling out the 3rd and final set of special ability upgrades, along with a slight increase to ability points, bringing your grand total up to 9 to spend across all abilities at Rank 10. There are too many special ability upgrades to detail in a blog entry, so I’ll let the bullet point list below speak for itself.