The Witcher 4 Protagonist Suggestions

Now that CD Projekt is working on a new game in The Witcher series, PC Gamer brings us this article that revolves around the idea of turning Dandelion the Bard into a playable protagonist for this upcoming sequel and how that could possibly work. Here's a quick excerpt:

When he absolutely needs to, Dandelion can probably still put up a fight. He's in good shape and has seen his fair share of bar brawls and angry spouses. But as a bard it makes more sense for him to hang back. D&D already shows us how this could work, with his rousing songs inspiring his allies. Just like Geralt's fighting style necessitated tactical thinking, using research and alchemy to take down monsters, Dandelion's repertoire could have different effects best deployed in specific situations: songs to give friends courage, terrible limericks to confuse enemies and lullabies to send monsters to sleep.

Not being in the fray would also give Dandelion a clearer picture of the fight, which could translate to a kind of commander role where he directs his companions' aggression towards the biggest threats, or a more roguish role where he sneaks around the periphery of the battlefield setting up traps. He could even serve as a healer. There are lots of ways for a bard to be useful.