Wartales - Early Access Roadmap Update

This Steam announcement for Shiro Games' mercenary RPG Wartales lets us know that the game's next planned early access update will be arriving later than originally anticipated due to some unforeseen technical issues. We also get an updated roadmap that now lists October as the release window for this update.

Here's more on that:

Attention mercenaries,

We are committed to providing polished, fully realised, high quality content with all of our updates, and unfortunately at this time, Gosenberg does not meet the standard that we strive to achieve, so we have taken the difficult decision to delay its release from the initially stated timeframe shared in our last roadmap.

While not ideal, this is expected to be a very small delay, resulting from some unforeseen issues that came to light during the final stages of QA testing. As soon as these issues have been resolved and we are satisfied with the state of the update (which we plan to be in October) the Gosenberg update will be released to you all as planned.

Furthermore, with the announced co-op mode being heavily dependent on a lot of systems and features introduced with the Gosenberg update, it will also see a small delay, likely shifting towards the later months of the year.

We apologise for the inconvenience here and understand that this may cause some frustrations, but with our content we need to make sure not only that our expectations are met, but most importantly, yours are exceeded.

For now, we have updated our roadmap to reflect the change in plans, which you can see below[...]

Thank you all for your understanding.

- Shiro Games