Solasta: Crown of the Magister - Dragonborn Introduction

With the upcoming Inner Strength DLC for Solasta: Crown of the Magister set to add the Dragonborn as a playable race, we get this here developer update that introduces us to Solasta's take on the fancy new D&D race. You'll find a quick overview below, but be sure to check out the actual article for some neat concept art:

Hey there folks!

It's been more than a year since our last proper Dev Update (which marked the end of our Early Access!), with Solasta gradually growing larger and larger with new classes, races, improvements, a higher level cap and even another campaign. And now as we're close to getting the final classes to complete the roster, we've decided to give you guys a few Dev Updates every two weeks while waiting for Inner Strength to be released! But before that... for those of you who never read our Dev Updates before, get acquainted to a tradition of ours. Cats!

Ye Ol' Dragonborn

Those of you familiar with D&D know that Dragonborns were primarily introduced in the 4th edition (although they were featured in Races of the Dragon from 3e before that). Long story short: Spellplague happened, two worlds collided, hello Dragonborns welcome to Toril (apologies to all the Faerun historians that I've just offended). However, the biggest mystery when it came to the Dragonborn was... What's their origin? Are they descendants of dragons (by blood)? Were they created by dragons (by magic)? Are they victims of a spell that turned them into Dragonborns? Do they simply share an older common ancestor with dragons? Turns out, all we have are legends... which is fine with us!

You see, we asked ourselves all these questions to make sure that our Solastan Dragonborn wouldn't go against the very nature of what a Dragonborn should be. Solastan Dragonborns are a little less mysterious than their official counterpart, they are simply descendants of unions between polymorphed dragons and humanoid lineages. Although they were well accepted in the Manacalon Empire, they became very reclusive after the Cataclysm due to a number of reasons. The newly freed slaves did not look kindly upon their former elven masters nor their collaborators (such as the dragonborns) - and their physical appearance would often draw suspiscion from those unfamiliar with the race. And with many grieving their losses from the Sorr-Akkath... So there you have it! In Solasta Dragonborns are rare and fairly secretive, only recently starting to venture back into more civilized lands. With most having completely forgotten about the Soraks, their striking appearance is also less stigmatized than it was in the past.