Divinity: Original Sin - The Board Game Update #30

The latest Kickstarter update for Larian's board game adaptation of Divinity: Original Sin brings us an extended developer Q&A session that primarily focuses on the game's systems and content, as well as roughly 30 minutes of actual gameplay. The link above also has a transcript of the Q&A.

But here's the actual thing:

The gameplay session:

And a quick intro to get you started:

Hello everyone,

Thanks to all who joined us for this week’s live AMA! It was fun to have an opportunity to interact with the community in real time again and properly introduce you to Brian and Noah, and we were happy for the chance to answer a bunch of your questions.

If you couldn’t make it or want to watch it again, check out the VOD below. If you’d rather not watch a 90 minute video, we’ve written up the questions and answers below. Note that the written AMA isn’t a direct transcription of the VOD, but is edited for brevity and clarity.

One of the biggest requests has been to see more gameplay. We’re hoping to shoot a longer play session with a full group in the near future, but for now, Kieron’s got you covered with this ~30min video showcasing the first 30 minutes of gameplay and explaining the rules along the way. Please keep in mind that these are still flat-printed game pieces intended for testing, so not reflective of the final quality when the game goes to print.

Another big request has been for a list of all of the changes to the stretch goals made necessary by the game’s design changes – we’ll dig into those changes just below the AMA.