Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms Early Access Hotfixes

Gamera Interactive's narrative-driven action-RPG Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms launched into early access a few days back. And since then, the game's been getting a steady stream of updates and announcements aiming to address some of the more pressing issues.

And so, here we have a hotfix dealing with some bugs and vendor-related issues. Then, another one that eschews patch notes in favor of describing a more convenient way of reporting bugs. And finally, this here announcement goes over the game's current mouse and keyboard-related woes.

More on the latter:

Hello Champions!

Just a quick post following feedbacks we received in less than 24 hours since launch. As you know, we already released an Hotfix fixing a major issue related to cut-scenes and clips [codecs related]. By the way, we decided to go on with a new update to clarify a bit the mouse & keyboard stuff because a lot of people is discussing here and on Discord. We read around "this game doesn't support mouse & keyboard" which is not correct at all. The mouse is elegible to be used by the game as an input source to perform actions when the mouse & keyboard layout is active. Normally this layout is automatically enabled when the game detects input from a keyboard/mouse device, and in the same fashion the pad layout is enabled when the game detects input from a gamepad device.

Currently, the mouse can be used to perform some combat actions (heavy and light attack, target locking, zoom in/out), and scrolling in some scrollbar UIs.

Mouse cursor is not available for any interaction with UI or combat. Currently it is not possible to use the in-game remap functionalty for mouse & keyboard to move mouse actions on keyboard, or viceversa.

A lot of people is enjoying the game using the currently supported set-up for mouse & keyboard functionality .

Is it the best set-up for mouse & keyboard? No, it's not. Are we going to improve it? Yes, we are. Roadmap with next steps will be shared next week and this is one of the most important fix to do on our side. So why we decided to go like this? Well, as you know, we had to rush almost every single release-related activity since we've got publishing rights back and we decided to go out as soon as possible with EA, bringing on the table a playable game with tons of contents since D1. We decided to put contents on prio, considering this is not a simple work, planning to improve the support on the way and releasing something working, anyway . So we can confirm that mouse & keyboard setup does work now even if not state-of-the-art and we are going to offer full mouse support soon, so don't despair fellows PC players!

Hope this helps, news on the way soon [and a new Hotfix on its way later on today!]