GB Feature: Weird West Review

When Raphaël Colantonio left Arkane Studios to form Wolfeye Studios and build a role-playing "immersive sim" that combined Wild West gunslinging with dark fantasy, we really weren't sure what to think. But now that the game is upon us and we've had a chance to generate a few play-throughs, we've offered our thoughts in this four-page review:
Either way, the gear you'll have at our disposal includes several weapon types - melee weapons, pistols, shotguns, rifles, and bows. You will also have access to a number of consumable potions and throwable explosives, as well as an armored jacket and two talismans that usually make your character better under certain conditions, like doing more damage if your reputation is high enough.

Your gear comes in several tiers and variations. For example, you have a choice between a slower and stronger rifle or one that's a bit weaker but shoots faster, and these can range from the common greys to the legendary oranges.

If you're looking to upgrade a particular gun (or a suit of armor), you can utilize the game's crafting system and exchange several ore nuggets or animal pelts for an extra tier of quality. But unless I was doing something very wrong, usually, you'll be able to find plenty of high-tier gear way before you'll get a chance to collect the necessary upgrade materials, making the whole thing redundant.