Starflight Retrospective

A few years back, there was a Fig campaign to resurrect Starflight, a fairly obscure but highly influential series of space RPGs. And if you'd like to know what all the fuss there was about and why someone would want to bring this particular series back, you might be interested in this Turn Based Lovers retrospective.

A quick excerpt to get you started:

Starflight starts with the main characters in a circular spaceship – ready to set off towards the stars. First, however, the player gather a team of different specialists – classic RPG style. These brave explorers are to discover what’s happening in the universe. The journey won’t be peaceful. Soon, it’ll be clear that their ultimate task is preventing a powerful foe from destroying all planets. Despite this, the adventure is entirely non-linear: it is up to the player where to go and what to do. The gameplay consists of exploring space; docking on planets; extracting precious minerals – vital for fuelling the ship; and interacting with the aliens. It is possible to fight anyone, but this isn’t the best strategy. Good communication is an essential skill here.