Mechajammer - HNY and Welcome Back to Calitana!

Having recharged over the holidays, Whalenought Studios brings us this Steam announcement where they let us know that the 1.06 update for their cyberpunk RPG Mechajammer should be dropping soon and what to expect from it. The announcement also shares some player-created builds and gameplay videos, but I'll leave you to check those out on your own.

Here are the important bits:

Happy New Year!

We hope you were able to spend time with family, friends and your backlogs of video games :)

Over the holidays we kept a second 'Quinton Testing Branch' open for players who wanted to try out Mechajammer fixes and additions as we worked on them (the branch is still available now!) and we're now putting v1.06 of Mechajammer through our own QA testers before its release.

The 1.06 update will be hitting the main branch soon and you can expect 73 additions, fixes and improvements. Keep your eyes peeled for full details and patch notes very soon.

Until then, we wanted to share some content from the community. We've been excited to see what you've thought of the game so far, your stories and experiences from your time exploring Calitana.


Thanks again for sticking by us, it's great to see your reactions to the updates and we can't wait for you to see v1.06 ahead of even bigger updates down the line.

— Whalenought Studios & Modern Wolf