Battle Brothers Coming to Consoles

Back in March, Overhype Studios together with UKIYO Publishing brought their mercenary RPG Battle Brothers to Nintendo Switch. And now, thanks to their continued partnership, the game is heading to PlayStation and Xbox, with a release scheduled for early 2022. Together with this announcement, we get word of some new Battle Brothers content looming on the horizon.

So, here's the console announcement trailer:

And some additional info:

For years now, players on PC have been enjoying the Battle Brothers experience. It’s hunting down a band of Goblins only to be turned into a pincushion. It’s meeting the endearing melon mugger, and it’s sacrificing your best men to a dark god. It’s well-oiled turn-based tactical gameplay, deep character building and exploring an open world with endless replayability. It’s also dying a lot, but learning from your mistakes and getting better each time. What fun! But what if you’re a console gamer? Well…

We’re happy to announce that Battle Brothers is coming to Sony and Microsoft consoles (PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Series X) in Early 2022!

It’s being developed by our partners Ukiyo Publishing, who have already created the Switch version of the game.

Also, fret not, we’re actually working on some new Battle Brothers content on the side!