Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition Coming to Xbox

According to this announcement on the official forums, Grim Dawn, Crate Entertainment's spiritual successor to Titan Quest, will be coming to Xbox consoles on December 3, 2021. The Xbox release is positioned as the Definitive Edition featuring all currently available updates and expansions. A bit more on that:

We are thrilled to grow our community on the Xbox and expand the ARPG offering on console. Grim Dawn will debut on Xbox with a “Definitive Edition” that assembles years of expansions and free content updates into one convenient package by bundling the Ashes of Malmouth expansion, Forgotten Gods expansion, and the Crucible game mode!

Finally Xbox players will be able to explore the darkest corners of Grim Dawn’s vast, immersive world, where secrets abound and untold terrors lurk. Known for its rewarding itemization, dual class system, choice and consequence questing, factions and rewarding end-game activities, Grim Dawn is sure to entice fans of the genre both new and old.

Preorders become available November 22nd, with the game release on December 3rd!