Code of the Savage Update #37 - Improved Depth

Prior to shifting his focus onto the story elements of his Ultima-inspired RPG Code of the Savage, Geoff Jones brings us a gameplay update that adds bread baking, makes the world more interactable, updates a bunch of sprites, and more.

Here's a quick look at the bread baking feature:

And the text bits from the latest update:

Hello all!

Firstly, a new demo version 0.472 is available for download here.

This will be the last gameplay update in a while. After this, I'm shifting gears and focusing on story elements. A lot of these and previous gameplay changes were necessary to move forward.

Baking bread

You can now harvest wheat, grind the grains into flour, draw water from a well, add water to flour to form dough and bake bread!

In-game objects

The world is now a more interactive. Almost any small object in the game can now be moved, put into your inventory or sold etc. They also now show at correct depths and are not limited by grid placement.

Previously these objects were just static background decorations.

Due to a lack of foresight on my part when I first started this game, I had to manually realign every single one of these items in the game...

Sprite facelifts

I've given some of the very early sprites a facelift. I think you will agree that is is a big improvement. I am particularly happy with the blacksmith grindstone. I remember creating the original sprite years ago... My thought process was something like "F*** it... that will do for now..."

I've also added a millstone for grinding wheat into flour.

World containers

Previously, adding items to containers in the world was a giant pain in the ass. I've now developed a way to add them easily. It doesn't effect the player experience, but makes things a lot easier for me. I've added some books in the bookcase in Test Town for your reading pleasure.


Developed way for world containers to store items easily
Fixed alignment of item slot sprites in prep for the item changes
Anvils had a facelift
Fixed tree top depth
Changed all deco items to movable
Adjusted deco items collision masks
Empty buckets can now be filled with water via a well
Filled buckets can be thrown onto NPC
Filled bucket can be used on flour to make dough
Dough can be used on oven to make bread
Added well bucket lowering animation
Removed 16x16 grid item movement limitation
Removed deco item 16x16 depth limitation
Fixed deco item flickering depth issue
Added surface tops to furniture to place items on top of
Fixed deco item depth not showing correctly when next to other items
Added millstones
Added wheat bushel
Wheat can now be harvested
Added Harvest SFX
Added Millstone SFX
Added flour pile object
Stepping in poop now makes a sound
Facelift for ovens
Facelift for fireplace
Cutscenes added to save game data

Thanks everyone for your continued support!